Mapping Your Future: For a successful future, seniors must develop these five traits


For a successful future, seniors must develop these five traits

By Catherine Mueller

November 30, 2023

Graduation is a significant milestone for high school students.

After all, it's an important marker on the road to life-long success. But along the way to graduation, there are many other traits for students to develop for life-long success, including:

  • Curiosity. Being curious about people, places and things helps you learn about yourself. You’ll find out what interests you and who you want to become.
  • Empathy. Practicing empathy shows how much you care about others, but it also helps you. After all, you can’t worry about your problems when you are thinking about others.
  • Confidence. Confident people are not boastful people. Instead, because they are confident, they are secure in their abilities and that shows in their work.
  • Gratitude. Anyone who’s had a successful life knows that they wouldn’t have that success without the help of others. 
  • Perseverance. There will be challenges throughout life and perhaps you’ve already experienced some. If so, you’ve already learned how to deal with adversity and that will be important for any future success.

If you are well on your way to graduation, you’ve likely already developed some of these traits.  Practice strengthening these traits and you’ll ensure success after graduation and beyond.