About CareerShip


CareerShip® is a free online career exploration adventure for middle and high school students. CareerShip is a product of Mapping Your Future, a public-service web site providing free career, college, financial aid, and money management information and services.

CareerShip uses O*NET Career Exploration Tools version 25.2. Mapping Your Future introduced CareerShip in 1999 with the most recent update in April 2021.

Using CareerShip

Students can review careers by cluster, review the featured career, match careers to their interests, or search for a particular career. For each career, students will have access to a variety of information:

  • Tasks
  • Wages
  • Career outlook
  • Interests
  • Education
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Similar careers

To accompany CareerShip, Mapping Your Future offers the "explore careers" section, including information on job hunting, resumes, and links to free job search listings.

Educators can build CareerShip into classroom activities, encouraging students to explore careers--the sooner, the better! For example, teachers can demonstrate CareerShip in class and then require students to explore up to three careers. Students can answer questions about each career and write a brief essay about which career they think they would prefer and why. Mapping Your Future offers more tools for educators on its middle and high school counselors section.